unlock & harness

“Tradskill is a way of exercising your Neurotransmission, a system to expedite the transmission of electrical and chemical signals in your nervous system, thereby the triggers to ignite the mechanical operations of your body can work properly”

Xsiscode Tradskill-Target and Relieve Disturbances


Tradskill — unlock and harness is a practice from XsisCode, It works like the skill of self releasing the Locks from Pressure Point Strikes that existed in the martial arts era – in Ancient China.

A locked nerve point causes the flow of blood, oxygen and other important nutrients to be blocked. This condition can make an organ system malfunction.

Depending on the location of the nerve point being attacked, the discomfort that follows can be mild symptoms such as numbness, aches, headaches, dizziness, breathing difficulties, shaking, difficulty sleeping … ; to the point where it can be fatal.

In the past the skill was used to open the nerve pathways that were locked due to enemy attacks. In modern world we do not have such enemies, but there are many disorders, illnesses and mental stress that can cause your nerve points to become ‘locked’. These are the examples.

Tradskill is the skill of transmitting nerve signals by utilizing the features of neural communication in the body such as: neurons, sensory nerves, motor nerves for smooth muscles, and smooth muscles that operate the organ systems.

What you get from this skill:

  • You can unlock your own locked nerves that come from the effects of: disease and the aging process, poor posture, or mental health disorders.
    You can deploy or transfer energy and nutrients from one point to another in your body in a “telekinesis-like” manner.
  • You can release the accumulation of unbalanced substances in a part of your body.
  • You can stimulate relaxation and revitalization.
  • And the striking advantage is that you can initiate all the above actions and get the response in a short time.

Tradskill does not use the muscles of your limbs to activate nerve signals in order to solve your physical and mental problems. This means that Tradskill is done without the movements as in muscle exercise does. You can do it in a busy place without anyone noticing.

Fast Execution and Fast Results are the keys to differentiating this practice. Quick results are the effects you feel when executing a task from Tradskill. This is not a deliberate attempt to impose the speed of the outcome, because a short period is a natural character if you initiate a neural operation directly from the origin.

Tradskill is systematized based on stages, priorities and procedures that are in line with operational rules that take place in the body systems. You should not arbitrarily transmit your nerve signals, but there is a Code to follow.

Premeditated Directional Movement of Neural Signals — this is probably the best phrase to describe what Tradskill is.

Some of what Tradskill can do

  • If you want to avoid a heart attack you have to control how much ‘the energy’ that goes to your heart. Whether for prevention or stopping the symptom at the onset, you can do it fast.
  • If you are male and middle-aged, after you sit for too long then when nature calls, you will find your urine stream spreading. You can fix that error in seconds with the XsisCode practice.
  • When you have been concentrating on your work for some time, then it is possible that some of your nerve points are blocked by some tense muscles. You may feel it as tired and a decrease in concentration. For this case, you can stimulate a refreshment for your body and mind in no time, in any position, and anywhere you want.
  • Even due to exercise, one posture error, or one weight lifting can cause your nerves to become locked. Then this ordeal will create a feeling of discomfort in some parts of your body. You see, there are many opportunities that can ruin your nice days, not to mention the disturbances caused by illnesses.