Effective Date: March 3, 2022

The information in the ebook is solely meant for educational and informational purposes and is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. You are responsible for ensuring the viability of your own health and environmental conditions, if you suspect that you may have a medical condition, either physically or mentally—you must first obtain a physical examination before implementing the instructions and practices in the ebook. You should not act or rely upon this information without seeking professional advice or information. Do not attempt any of the suggested actions, solutions, remedies, or instructions founds in the ebook without first consulting a qualified professional.

The ebook is based on the personal experience of the author. The practices in the ebook have their roots dating back thousands of years ago in the regions of Buddhism, which have been practiced by many sages there since that era. Each stage in the practices the ebook has been practiced and examined by the author. All of these processes are safe, and have provided great benefits, never causing physical and psychological health issues to the author. But for some implementers who have special or unique medical conditions—doing these practices may have different effects, and can also pose risks, interfering with their health. Likewise, implementers with general health status who carry out instructions according to those described in the ebook can obtain different results from those experienced by the author, as circumstances will vary person to person. There is no guarantee express or implied that you will succeed in carrying out all the practices in the ebook, nor is there any guarantee that you will get the same results and benefits as the author’, considering the variety of body conditions, and the environment of each person. The author cannot predict and does not guarantee that you will attain a particular result; you accept and understand that results differ for each individual.

As warned in the Terms and Conditions, we strongly discourage those of you who have electronic implants in your body to do the practices in this ebook. You are aware of this warning. We are not responsible for all kinds of health risks, losses and damages whatsoever arising from your decision to learn the practices that we present, this includes your material and non-material losses.

The lessons in the ebook are serious skills and should be treated accordingly; you should not treat them erratically beyond the instructions given. Practicing regularly and properly can provide physical and psychological health benefits. However, these practices can also be detrimental if you improvise beyond the ones described here, or if you have certain medical conditions. Implementing the practices in the ebook may subject you to health issues including, but not limited to, respiratory issues—especially for people with asthma, injuries—especially for people with epilepsy. You realize, choose and do it at your own risk; you are responsible for all your choices, actions and results. During practice if you encounter health issues, you should seek immediate medical attention or advice from health practitioners to consider whether you may continue, delay or stop your practice.

All ideas, suggestions and opinions expressed in the ebook are solely the personal opinion of the author, based on the perceptions and experiences of the author. The author in no way provides any warranty, express or implied towards the content of this book. It is your responsibility to use your own discretion in determining which ideas, suggestions, opinions and information are good for you.

The ebook in some parts contain scientific information that comes from third parties, and the information is intended solely as knowledge. Third parties who produce such scientific information have no affiliation with us, they do not endorse our theories or hypotheses, they do not endorse the advice or practices taught in our services and products and are not involved in the organization, marketing, activities of any kind related to us.

All information presented by the author is only for knowledge purposes, but not represent knowledge that has been widely accepted; although the existence of a theory which is non-quantifiable right now in any science does not imply this theory is incorrect. The sources of information and knowledge from third parties contained in the ebook are solely the personal choices and presumptions of the author that are used to support his reasoning. The provision of this information is used to represent possible linkages with the discussion in the ebook, and there have never been in-depth analyzes of the relevance, and hence, should not be relied upon as the basis of science. The author only aggregates the information to show the possible relationship with the discussion in the ebook and solely for educational and informational purposes only, you should not act and rely on that information as a basis for your knowledge without seeking qualified professional opinion.

As much as the author’s efforts to make everything feasible but mistakes might occur in the presentation of the ebook. The author and all parties related to the publishing of the ebook are not responsible for errors or omissions and any consequences resulting from the use of information in any publication content.

You acknowledge and agree to accept all risks that may occur in carrying out the practices described in the ebook, in perceiving, receiving and implementing all information, suggestions, ideas and instructions provided in the ebook, so you fully bear all the risks, both material or non-material losses that may occur.

Author, editor, publisher and designated marketing parties, as well as other parties who have been formally approved to present the ebook are not responsible and cannot be burdened with all the consequences and losses arising both material and non-material—incurred as a result of carrying out practices or arising from using instructions, suggestions, ideas, as well as all the information contained in the ebook.