Distance Healing for Headaches and Migraines

Our Distance Healing is a new alternative way of dealing with various health cases, both physical and mental. For the time being distance healing is only for headaches and migraines, considering that these two cases are the most, and what is more important is the easy proof. In the session, the customer can observe what they feel in their body when doing this method, whether it is imagination or physical.

Have you been using NSAIDs for a long time? Are you prone to the side effects of Pain Relievers? Do you feel your painkillers starting to work less? If all that is true then this is the right time for you to get rid of your headaches and migraine symptoms independently, quickly and in a targeted manner. When you stop the pain with painkillers then it works only temporarily, because as long as your nerve transmission is inhibited or deviated, then the pain will seem to recur in the near future. You will use it again and again, and this accumulates the side effects in your body.

Our healing method can provide a quick action to eliminate headaches along with several other discomforts that arise during migraines. The relief effect works in less than 10 minutes, assuming that the sufferer can do it correctly and there are no sensory disturbances in the nervous system. This is quite a significant comparison with Ibuprofen which starts kicking in 30 minutes, other NSAIDs give a peak effect in 60 minutes.

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"Running out of painkillers will no longer be dreadful"

Distance healing for headaches and migraines - SPIREL Xsiscode

How headaches occur

Headaches can be triggered by intake, chemical changes, stress and incorrect body position—those can lead to body chemistry changes or muscle tension. We have several types of muscles, they are skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles and smooth muscles (such as in organs and blood vessels). These three types of muscles can tense up and put pressure on the nerves, thus disrupting the transmission of nerve signals. Sensory nerves there send pain messages to the brain, and this gives off the sensation of headache.

The origin of the pressure that occurs on the skeletal muscles can be overcome with massage or exercise, but if the disorder affects the smooth muscles then this requires special techniques to reach them.

How our distance healing works

Distance healing for headaches and migraines is done by: releasing pressure on your smooth muscles, drawing signals in the central nervous system to transmit according to their proper path. This is an approach that you have not found in other healings before.

This is not Reiki, and this is not spiritual healing. The way our distance healing works is by allowing you to activate the nerve signals in your body to work consciously according to your will. Then with our guidance, you will direct the stray signals back to their ideal path by utilizing the features of the energy drive within your body. This makes sense because your brain knows better where the disturbance occurs and where your energy has strayed.

Headaches and migraines have a different character for each sufferer, and different pain locations require different approaches. This specificity is what distinguishes this healing technique from others. In the sessions, I provide specific methods for different cases, and you can repeat the specific methods you get for your case, either to prevent or eliminate your headaches should they recur in the future.

You will be able to immediately observe how energy moves in your body with this method. As we are confident that most people will feel this physical response, we provide a money back guarantee if there are some who cannot feel the sensation in the first healing session.

Before having a healing session, you should get a diagnosis from your doctor to find the cause of your headache or migraine, to determine whether there is injury, inflammation, or structural abnormalities in your spine, brain, nerve pathways or blood vessels. This treatment method is not intended to replace any advice, medication and treatment from your doctor.

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Distance Healing is a one-on-one healing solution and takes place on Google Meet.

Personalized healing session: $25 (30 minutes)

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Please send notes about the condition of your headache, the location where you get the headache; or if it’s a migraine: what are the other symptoms besides the headache. I will contact you to schedule a session. Sorry for your inconvenience because we don’t use forms, since the forms we use invite a lot of bots.

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