Greetings to deaf or hard of hearing people

I share a free ebook for the first 5 people who want to learn Tradskill. I found on Youtube that deaf and hard of hearing people are interested in experiencing ASMR. This ebook is not specifically about ASMR, because our bodies can provide various soothing sensations, and ASMR is just one of them. By learning the practices you can trigger that entertainment only from within your body. Even so, the main purpose of this practice is to support homeostatic processes and improve the circulation of the elements that transport in our body, pleasure is only the effect that arises from the activation process.

For those of you who are interested in getting this ebook, please send an email via the request link below (insert the word FREE in the subject of your email), and I will send the download link to your email address. This offer is limited to the first five people with deaf and hard of hearing criteria who email me. May you all be happy.


  • I make a living as the author teaching this practice, so it is a necessity for you to treat the learning ebook as a personal item by not sharing either the ebook, or all the information in it, and the guidance that I provide—to others. Instead I open an opportunity for those of you who want to increase income, with an Affiliate Program to earn fees by participating in selling my ebook. Please email me for this purpose, with the subject: Affiliate in your email. For those of you who don’t get the free ebook, this opportunity is also open to you.
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  • With regard to the download link, if you do not receive a reply, it means you are part of a user who has exceeded the limit of 5 people specified. Please be informed if I do not notify everyone about this.

Best regards
Graem Sheafler