Greeting to People with Tourette Syndrome (TS)

Hi I am a practitioner, mentor, and author of Tradskill.

I came across the movie “Motherless Brooklyn” recently, which led me to get to know Tourette Syndrome. I understand that until now no one has confirmed what the cause is, nor how to cure it.

I read articles and studies on Tourette Syndrome which suggest that this disruption occurs in several parts of the brain, including the Basal Ganglia (the part of the brain involved in controlling body movement). Research suggests that there are abnormalities in some parts of the brain, which trigger the appearance of abnormal signals in the brain.

I have two hypotheses about how likely the disruption occurred. The first possibility, the presence of signals from the body to the head that is retained in a nerve area, to a certain extent the signals that have been contained in a large number are released and then create a shock effect. The second possibility is that there are messages from the brain to the body that are retained in an area of the brain for some time, they move to and fro and interfere with the motor nervous system.

Now the connection with Tradskill is that one of the practices allows the practitioner to unravel an accumulation of moving elements which include signals, in certain areas of the body (including the brain). Hence, there is a possibility that the sufferer can minimize the signal chaos that occurs in the brain area.

Tradskill has never been practiced before by people with Tourette Syndrome, or at least no practitioner has acknowledged having this disorder, so there is no data about it.

My hypothesis does not mean that the symptoms can be cured with this practice, but there is the potential to minimize the disruption that arises and improve neural communication in the brain naturally.

Those of you who get free learning realize that you learn and do Tradskill on your own choice, voluntarily, without coercion. And as is generally done on sites that provide products or services, you must agree to the terms that apply.

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State in your e-mail: Your age, country of residence, the type of tics you experience and the interval between the occurrences.

This offer is limited to three people with Tourette Syndrome, and is based on a selection procedure.


  • I suggest that people with Tourette Syndrome who receive learning are of the simple tics type, aged over 25, as these criteria are generally more focused and concerned with their health issues.
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Best regards
Graem Sheafler