How to Clear Brain Fog the Fast Ways

Do you remember when you found your mind cloudy, sluggish, unenthusiastic and difficult to concentrate? People describe those signs as Brain Fog.

Things that potentially cause Brain Fog

Brain fog can start from the body, and can manifest from the mind’s response.

Our body has various types of channels to distribute the moving elements of the body. There are nutrient channels for transferring chemical elements such as blood, oxygen, hormones, lymph; then, there are the neural pathways that communicate electrical messages to drive the body’s operations. The two types of channels influence each other in defining the condition of the body as a whole.

The channels in the body can sometimes be blocked due to deposits from a substance, pressure, or foreign substances that are allergic. They inhibit the supply of nutrients to the brain or other organs, causing various symptoms, one of which is brain fog.

Causes that originate in the mind are triggered by anxiety and stress. This mental condition will be followed by tightening of the muscles so that it puts pressure on the nerve channels and then the nutritional channels.

Causes that start from the body can come from the following issues:

  • Intake that your body does not tolerate. You may eat something that causes allergies or gives side effects. You may consume intake that does not match your body’s needs. Intake includes food, drink and drugs that you consume. Inappropriate doses of food and drink, whether excessive or lacking, can lead to electrolyte imbalance and various disorders.
  • Aging. Naturally our body degrades the quality of the channels that carry nutrients to the organs, they may shrink or get plaque in some parts.
  • Medical conditions can trigger Brain Fog symptoms. Some examples are flu, diabetes, digestive problems.
  • Hormonal changes
  • Sleep duration. Lack of sleep gives little time for the body to restore energy and do self-repair. Excessive sleep duration makes your body need additional time to reboot when you wake up.
  • Mosquito bites. There are small types of mosquitoes, they are not easy to see. They may not carry germs, but because their bites are less itchy than large ones, they can go on injecting their saliva and suck your blood for a long time unnoticed. Not in all bite locations, I have noticed this being a problem when they bite in the nape and head area. The length of time they bite makes some of the muscles to tense up and press the nerve pathways to the brain, then this can cause brain fog.

What are the potential causes of your brain fog

Brain fog is likely to recur in our modern lifestyle, but fortunately we can minimize the possibility of it recurring by marking what triggers it. So if one day you experience brain fog, then you can trace what events the day before that you suspect provoke your brain fog.

The following checklist can help you to find the culprit:

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How long did you sleep?

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Did you eat or drink something that your body might not tolerate?

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Did you take any kind of medicine?

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Did you eat close to bedtime?

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Did you overeat?

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Did you drink less water? did you drink too much soda or alcohol?

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Are you on your period?

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Did you have an incident that put you in a really bad mood?

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Did you sleep in a position other than what you usually do?

The same answers to the questions above can trigger Brain Fog in one person, but not in another. Someone who eats acidic foods like tomatoes, or spicy ones like nachos may not feel the effects of the chemical ingredients, but for others it can. Each person has a unique body condition, so it is important to note the specific things that provoke your brain fog.

Brain fog generally appears shortly after the trigger. Now that you’ve found what you suspect is the trigger for your brain fog, then you should avoid it so it doesn’t happen again.

If from the search above you do not find any clues, then you might have certain medical conditions that initiated it. For this special case you need to undergo an examination at a health care provider to determine what the underlying disease or anomalies might be causing it.

How to clear Brain Fog symptoms in a fairly quick time

Here are some treatments to clear up brain fog in the range of ten minutes and up, starting from the longest.

  • Drink hot coffee
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Do push-ups or sit-ups about 10 times

How to clear Brain Fog symptoms instantly

The fastest time to get rid of brain fog symptoms is through neurotransmission. This method sends nerve signals followed by nutrients to the parts of the body that participate in creating brain fog.

The advantage of having this skill is that you can execute nutrient distribution quickly to get rid of the cloudy-headed feeling and energize quickly, wherever you need it. Let’s say you have 5 minutes left to present your idea in a marketing meeting, do you have time to sip a cup of hot coffee, do you have to do ten push-ups, …or can you spare tens of minutes to do yoga or meditation?. You can consider that, the speed of giving results and the accuracy of the target in illuminating your mind is very important in your busy schedule.

It may be hard to understand with a skeptical mind that the other benefits of this skill are that you can stop headaches in seconds, you can stop the early symptoms of essential tremor, you can stimulate sleep, and many other health benefits that could appear in your next days.

Prevention for recurring brain fog

Brain Fog is likely to recur from our varied modern lifestyles, where we have many choices of food, drink and entertainment to indulge ourselves. Apart from medical conditions, brain fog can recur because there is an anomaly in our body that makes us vulnerable to a trigger. Here are some types of supplements that are able to resist the recurrence of Brain Fog, or weaken it if it appears one day.

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