Internally Activated Relaxation

More than ASMR

Internally activated relaxation refer to entertaining sensations that are initiated and developed from within your body and you can feel them for real. This procedure is a method provided by Tradskill to relax your body and mind.

This method is different from imagining positive moods, such as smiling, laughing, or recalling happy moments from the past. Both of these methods have their own superiority and inferiority. This has not been studied, but based on my experience, the happy mood imagination if successfully created produces a more intense mental joy effect, and it can cause euphoria. This may be obtained from the “happy hormones” which flows more profusely.

The imagination of positive mood may be in line with Hypnosis by instilling or saying optimistic things to yourself, because the developed environment is in the mind, in an imaginative way. You can also find the type of mindfulness that triggers happiness starting from your mind. The limitation of this method is the time to generate creation. Say if you are in a sad mood or when you have flu symptoms, can you quickly change your mood to be happy? Unless an experienced hypnotist does it for you, it will take some time for you to do it yourself.


Signal meditation on the other hand does not begin to create a positive atmosphere in the mind, but the process begins by activating neural signals. The activation and transmission of neural signals facilitate blood flow and the transport of other essential nutrients, and this creates satisfying sensations that you can perceive with your internal senses. The comforted body will then exerts an entertaining effect on the mind. The feeling of happiness that arises at that time is calm, as fulfilled, not euphoric like the previous method.