Self-Care Tasks for Physical and Mental Health

SPIREL is a Quick Response Meditative Self-Care, it consciously employ neural communication in the body to gain favorable responses in a very short time. This skill utilizes the neurotransmission features in your body to create relaxation, energize, mitigate the symptoms of a disease and speed up the healing process. 

Struck Point Release (SPIREL) works like the skill of releasing the Locks from Pressure Point Strikes that existed in the martial arts era – in Ancient China. Back then the skill was used to heal wounds from enemy attacks, but in modern life the function will grow widely as it has the potential to be a breakthrough for treating physical and mental health.

Quick Response Self Care to perform certain health tasks

Struck Point Release (SPIREL) is a meditative self-care that works directly on signal communication in the nervous system, therefore it can provide a quick response self-care that you can quickly feel. With this ability you can target parts of your body that are disturbed by symptoms of illness or congenital weakness. You can also practice it to purify a part of the body, or you can create relaxation to entertain your body and mind.

Conducting Specific Tasks is the main use of SPIREL, it will be a tool that equips you to overcome your physical and mental health issues—both the potential and the inevitable, and to create relaxation.

Self-Care for Potential Health Issues

When you are stressed or sick—then one or more circulatory systems are blocked in a part of your body. This condition can create a variety of responses that are physically and mentally disruptive.

For example, when you have the flu, you may get a mental symptom such as confusion or difficulty concentrating, and physical symptoms such as fatigue, lethargy, shortness of breath. You may get pain in your head or neck, or discomfort in your back. You can alleviate these disturbances in a quick and natural way—by consciously actuating the communication of nerve signals, either by opening the blockage or by increasing the supply of energy and nutrients to some sets of nerves in your body.

Different kinds of illness and mental stress may indicate the same type of discomfort. The things that distinguish it are the breakdown points, where and how to discard it. The kind of uncomfortable feeling can reveal how to deal with it.

SPIREL Neural Exercise supports the healing process, not the only treatment for your specific health problem.

There are things that need to be underlined with regard to diseases. This ability is not a substitute for medication from your doctor, or medical advice from a healthcare professional. Let’s say you are infected with bacteria or viruses, you may be able to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms, but you cannot kill the bacteria or weaken the virus in your body. You can’t stop certain allergic reactions from foreign substances, and you have to receive medication to repair the damage caused by the disease in a part of your body, … you still need treatment from your doctor.

Self Care for Inevitable Health Issues

An issue that is certain to occur in the future is: aging. Although you maintain good health, but when you reach 40 you will feel a decrease in some functions in your body. At that time the transfer of signals in the nervous system slows down, blood flow decreases and tends to decline the function of the organs. You gain weight easily because your metabolism slows down; your facial muscles loosen, and all the other functional decline that has been studied.

Either anticipating or when you do it in your old age, if you learn SPIREL then you are able to guide nutrition and energy to a part of the body or organ, thereby increasing the active supply of nutrients to them. By doing this you maintain the ‘fuel’ needed by your body systems to keep them operating properly.

Self-care tasks for health that you can do

Creating Relaxation with Independent Pleasures

Each process of activation and transmission of nerve signals produces comfortable sensations, which will become an entertainment for you to relax your body and mind.

Like the other tasks, you can also do the relaxation process with a flexible body position. You can do it lying down or while sitting relaxed.

Stimulating Instant Revitalization

One of the advantages of fast signal transfer is applied to conduct instant revitalization. You can execute this technique in a short time, anywhere and anytime you feel sluggish, ‘foggy’, or when your concentration decreases. In the ebook, this task refers to the term Fast Recharging which is taught in three modes: moderate (55 seconds), flash and aggressive.

Unraveling and Promoting Natural Detoxification

This is a task that allows you to quickly break down an accumulation of substances that has a disturbing effect in an area of your body, or to relieve discomfort in a specific part of your body. The ability to unravel is one of your “tools” to promote your body’s self-detoxification

Targeting and Relieving Disturbances in a Quick and Natural Way

The SPIREL system gives you the ability to quickly transmit nutrients and energy to a specific location in your body to relieve disturbances that arise there. This operation takes on the same pattern that homeostasis does in regulating your body. Some examples are: you can warm or cool the body when needed. You can lower your heart rate when you are suddenly overly excited or when you have an irregular heartbeat.

Fast Energizing

This is an upgrade of the energy replenishment process, which allows you to shorten the period for supplying energy and nutrients to all your body systems.

How to Learn

The process of learning SPIREL is presented in an ebook and systematized into a 5-week program. This short time you spend will be useful for the rest of your life.

SPIREL practices are mostly performed in a lying position, while the executions for Fast-Stimulating Refreshment can be performed in a sitting or standing position. You practice at night for 10-30 minutes, on bed, just before you fall asleep. This method does not take up your active time, and you will not feel it as a chore because each practice will give you a soothing relaxation.