Stimulating Instant Revitalization

Stimulating Rapid Refreshment is one of the Tradskill tasks to revitalize your body and mind in seconds, without depending on external objects.

Tradskill can perform the refresh process quickly because it provides indicators that you can perceive in a short time. Those indicators are the satisfying sensations, brightness in your mind, and refreshed energy in your body.  The learning program of Tradskill will teach you to gradually increase the speed in activating and transmitting nerve signals.

The process of learning Tradskill is systematically arranged in consecutive phases in just 5 weeks. Unlike the lifespan of your clothes or accessories, those short weeks will serve you for the rest of your life.

Tradskill is a flexible practice. You can do it in any position. You can do it with your eyes closed or open. Relaxation will be more effective if the process is flexible. The process will develop faster when done with the least use of muscle. If the body relaxes quickly, then the mind will calm down quickly as well.

Instant Revitalization

Stimulating Instant Revitalization works like your charger

The application of the ability to activate and transmit signals in a short time is to quickly develop instant revitalization for you during activities, whenever you need it.

It is normal that sometimes you get mentally exhausted when going to a meeting, or sluggishness when you should be enjoying your date, that’s when you do the Stimulating Rapid Refreshment. At that time you should be displaying your bright mind and cheerfulness, don’t you think? You can call this instant brightness.

Triggering instant brightness isn’t just for those two situations. If you are a gamer do you need this skill? Imagine in two minutes you will be competing, will you have time to make coffee ? Well, I can go on like this giving examples, but you get the point. Give the best care for your body and mind, and that is your choice.

The procedures of practice for that purpose are: Charging then Deploying. The Charging Procedure lasts about 5 to 30 minutes a day, designed to be done in a supine position, at bedtime—right before you fall asleep. This is good news, as it does not interfere with your leisure activities apart from working hours.

Every practice or even the learning process delivers comfortable sensations and provides the means for controlling and nurturing your mind. You will not feel it as ‘homework’ but entertainment, because of the physical and mental pleasures you will sense.

Deploying Procedure: the next day with a sitting position or even while standing you can quickly deploy the accumulated energy to recharge and refresh you wherever you are active.

The period to trigger a practicable deploying procedure is 55 seconds. This is the recommended and tested amount of time, which gives effective results without rushing.

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