Stimulating the Homeostatic Process

Target and relieve disturbances

Targeting and relieving disturbances in the body is one task of Tradskill which is done by stimulating the homeostatic process—but, in a fast way.

If you wait for your body’s self-regulation to relieve the disturbances in your body, then it would take some time.

It is unpleasant to let discomfort or pain linger in your body. Maybe a few tens of minutes or even hours you have to wait. That is why this skill is very useful for you to have.


Homeostasis refers to a self-regulating process that takes place in the body’s internal environment, to create a balance of internal conditions and harmonize the work of organ systems.

A simple example to delineate the homeostatic process in electronic devices is the temperature regulation found in household appliances such as ovens and air conditioners. When your oven has reached the temperature you set then the automatic temperature regulator inside it stops the heating process. The heat in the oven would then decrease gradually, and if the temperature drop has reached a certain limit then the electronic components for the heater would work again.

The process of homeostasis in the body is not only about temperature, but includes the regulation of blood pressure, fluid balance, energy balance, and various controls on the level of chemical elements.
Internal balance is highly dependent on how communication takes place between organ systems and the brain. If communication gets disturbed then the homeostatic process does not work as it should.

You will never know how important homeostasis is to your body and mind until you discover some of the disorders that can arise due to homeostatic imbalance. You can find many studies and articles that address the relationship between homeostatic disruption and health conditions, such as heart failure and diabetes, asthma, anemia, obesity and autoimmunity, down syndrome, thyroid function, sleep disorders and so on. You may want to take your time to read them at the links.

Communication Systems Support Homeostatic Processes

Each organ system does not work independently but they work together to create harmony, with the brain as the conductor. An organ system aligns its operations with the needs of other organ systems to provide an overall stable operation. Regulation and cooperation within a system require flawless communication.

You can think of it like a factory with many divisions. A manufacturing division communicates with the leaders and other divisions to convey information on their status and needs.

When factory members communicate with each other by sending words using letters, texting and so on. On the other hand, the organ systems in living things communicate with each other and the brain by sending signals, and the delivery medium is the nervous system.

Relaxed Mind Promotes Homeostasis

Mental health is closely related to the ability to relax. In the process of initiating nerve signals – every transmission of signals inside the body produces satisfying physical sensations. This calming experience provides consolation for the mind to overcome negative emotions. This is the distinct approach of Tradskill in caring for your Mind.

The process simultaneously trains concentration to a single focus which is important to suppress wandering thoughts and further relieving the anxiety levels. Finally, the well-being of the mind provides reciprocal benefits to the body by improving homeostasis.

Balancing Feedback

The following is an example of how the homeostatic process occurs. When you become emotional: your heart beats faster, your breaths become shorter and your blood pressure goes up. You don’t expect those responses but they happen out of your control.

Once your emotions subside, the tension in your muscles relaxes. There is a feeling of comfort and lightness along with more oxygen inflow through your nose. Your heart rate slowly decreases followed by a relaxed state like the positive mood you get from post-workout. All of those are the forms of regulation that your brain does to respond to your emotions and then neutralize the internal conditions of your body, and your mood.

By doing Tradskill you will be able to deliver messages to your nervous system to immediately create a balancing process as above and develop pleasant stimuli to your body and mind… isn’t that amazing?


Guiding Nutrient Supply

Our body systems slow down gradually, whether now or in the years to come. The body system is prone to disturbances. The quality of the organs is reduced not solely because of the number of years you have passed, but also projected from your lifestyle. Bad diet, frequent drinking too much alcohol, lack of sleep: erode the function of your organs even before their productive life span ends.

Tradskill allows you to participate in enhancing the transfer of signals in your nervous system. Your proactive efforts can improve the nervous communication system, and most importantly: you will be able to guide the supply of nutrients and energy to a particular organ system or to a part of the body if there is an additional need there.