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Effective Date: October 9, 2022

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“We” or “Us” is a reference to Xsiscode.com, the author, manager, staff, editor, and those associated with the management of the services and products. “You” are: the visitor, the user of the site, service users, product buyers, readers and/or implementers of the lessons written therein.

This site, the information, and the products shown therein are intended for visitors who are 18 years of age or older. If you are not within this scope, you are not eligible to use all of the information provided on this site, its services and products. You are aware of your own actions and all the consequences that arise from ignoring these restrictions.

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All information contained on this site, its services and products, information we provide verbally, in writing, or visually through any media is not medical advice, nor its substitute. You should contact your medical professional for the necessary medical advice before you carry out any practices and information on the site, its services and products.

The information provided by us, on the site, services and products is presented as is, with all possible errors, we do not guarantee the correctness and accuracy.

This site and the ebook in some parts contain scientific information that comes from third parties, and the information is intended solely as knowledge. Third parties who produce such scientific information have no affiliation with us, they do not endorse our theories or hypotheses, they do not endorse the advice or practices taught in our services and products and are not involved in the organization, marketing, activities of any kind related to us.

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In addition to the age restrictions mentioned above, the lessons in the ebook are intended specifically for people with all the internal functions and features in their bodies operating well in all conditions. This lesson is not for people who have a medical condition or a medical history without any specific limitations.

The effect of the success described on the site and by learning the ebook is real, as described and experienced by the author and participants. Even so, this may not be the case in others who learn it, even though the person has all the internal features of her/his body that function normally. We, all staff and all parties related to the operation of the site, the provision of products, services and marketing do not provide any warranty that people who have ‘normal internal body features’ can get the same results as stated in the lesson. There are many factors that can affect a person’s success, which are not limited to the person’s diligence in carrying out the lessons.

Your choices and decisions to learn are your own responsibility. The lessons in our ebook can provide improvements to the body systems, which is very beneficial to the implementer. However, for practitioners with special health conditions, our lessons may be potentially disruptive for them. For instance, the basic elements we need such as hydrogen and oxygen can harm the body if used carelessly. You hereby judiciously determine your own decision to purchase and learn the ebook or accept our services. There are no liabilities, costs, losses and damages of any kind, that you can impose on us for your decision.

If you have an electronic device implanted in your body then you should not learn the practices taught in our products/ebook and services. We do not have information about the effects of our practices on such devices. You are aware of this warning. As stated in the previous paragraph, we are not responsible for all kinds of health risks, losses and damages whatsoever arising from your decision to study the practices that we present, this includes your material and non-material losses.

The lessons and specific ideas in our ebook are registered as copyright and intellectual property rights. When you buy an ebook you will be automatically registered based on the information you provide, not limited to your name. The ebook that you buy is intended for individual use. We do not give permission to: resell, donate, share, duplicate, transfer into any other form or format, translate into any language, modify into any form. We do not give you permission to present the learning system, how to conduct the practices, without the written consent of the author. Please understand, this agreement is binding on you and is stated to make reasonable efforts to protect the continuation of the author’s work.

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